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the red drum

Common Name
Red Drum (USA/UK) Red Fish (USA) Channel Bass (USA) Spotted Bass (UK)
Tambour Rouge (France) Courbine (France) Corvinon Ocelado (Spain)

Scientific Name
Sciaenops ocellatus

Perciformes of the sciaenidae family, originating in the Western Atlantic Ocean and widespread in the Gulf of Mexico. The black spot on the tail is a distinguishing feature. Body is usually shiny grey, bronze or slightly bronze red depending on the time of year.

Taste and Preparation
Firm white flesh with delicate flavour. A versatile fish suitable for all preparations both raw and cooked. Can be grilled, braised or fried.

Sizes available
Sizes from 400g to 2000g are available throughout the year. Grading and packing can be tailored to customer requirements

Fresh product stored on ice (<4 degrees Centigrade) has a shelf life up to 14 days depending on handling