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the processing plant

Ferme Marine de Mahebourg operates a state of the art processing plant located within 50 metres of the shoreline where harvested fish are landed.
The plant totals 1200 sq m and operates to the highest International Standards. The plant is European Union approved, approval number DVS/FP9/MU.

The plant is divided into three processing sections, receiving, gutting and filleting, this ensures the highest hygiene standards are maintained throughout.
In the receiving area chill killed fish are received from the early morning harvest, sorted for quality and size and recorded to the sophisticated production monitoring system. In the gutting room fish are headed, gilled and gutted before finally passing to the filleting room where portions and fillets are produced.
The plant is geared to produce both fresh and frozen products for the export market and can supply whole round, gilled and gutted, headed and gutted as well as close graded fillets and portions both skin-on and skinless. Both standard specification product and custom specification products are produced according to customer requirements.

the process plant
Every finished pack is date coded and the coding system used by the company enables full traceability of the fish from hatchery, grow-out and packing. This system has been developed to give the customer confidence in the safety and quality of the product.
 the process plant 2