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The two farm site are located on the eastern coast of the Island of Mauritius close to Pointe aux Feuilles within the pristine sheltered lagoon that surrounds the island between the coast and the coral reef. The two sites were both selected after extensive surveys to ensure excellent water quality whilst protecting the environment. Both sites are approximately 3km from the coast where the water depth is 25m and where the current is driven by the prevailing Trade Winds.

Each site has today 10 circular floating cages ranging in size from 8m, 16m and 20m in diameter with a depth of 5m to 8m. Each site can be expanded to 20 cages to ensure the safety of the farm if necessary during the annual cyclone season. Further sites within the same area are licensed to the company for future expansion.

The stock in the cages is fed at regular intervals during the day using feed supplied by internationally recognised suppliers. The feed is certified free from all artificial additives and genetically modified ingredients ensuring excellent quality of the fish.